Reading List: ‘Ripper’ by Becca C. Smith

Format: Kindle

Ripper is the third book in the Riser Saga  by Becca C. Smith. This young adult sci-fi series centers around a teen girl with a very unusual ability – she can control dead things. The girl, Chelsan, lives in a futuristic world where humans have achieved immortality by way of a drug called age-pro.

I am not generally a reader of Young Adult novels. Actually this series were my first introduction to the world of contemporary Young Adult literature. I checked out the first book in the series, Riser, because I have known Smith since elementary school, but I liked it so much I wanted to keep going with the next one and then this one.

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Reading List: ‘On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft’ by Stephen King

Format: Paperback

It’s hard for me to believe I waited so long to read Stephen King’s OnStephen King On Writing Writing.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to read, it’s just that I kept putting if off – though it was first published in 2000, so waiting 14 years is pretty bad.

I inherited my copy from my mom. It’s funny that my mom read it because I don’t remember her reading that many Stephen King books. I, on the other hand, have been reading Stephen King since I was in fifth grade (note: it’s easy to get your grandmother to buy you Firestarter when there is a picture of Drew Barrymore on the cover).

At the time she was reading it my mom told me of King’s accounts of his struggles with alcoholism and drug abuse. This may have put me off a bit because I wasn’t sure I wanted to read about that.

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Real Book or eBook?

On a business trip a few years ago one of my co-workers told me he was looking forward to heading back to the hotel to read his book.

“You mean a real book, with paper,” I asked. I was joking, but also a little surprised. Usually he was into new technology.

“I know. What’s that?” he said. Then he followed with, “I’ll probably never give up reading real books. I just like them better.”

I see the debate about eBook vs. real book online all the time. There are those who never want to touch an eReader and assert that reading paper bound books is the only real reading to be done.


If you notice on my reading list, I note what format I read the book on. I don’t know if it’s important or not, but I thought it might be an interesting thing to keep track of.

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Reading List: ‘The Exorcist’ by William Peter Blatty


Format: Kindle

The Exorcist is the first book I read in 2014. I’m not sure what took me so long to finally Exorcist Coverread it. I have been a fan of the film for quite some time, but I had never picked up the book until now.

Because I’ve seen the film so many times, it’s hard for me not to compare the book and the film. But that’s okay, because out of all the books that have been adapted for the big screen, this is one of the best.

For me, what’s scary about The Exorcist is not the possession, but the utter helplessness the characters feel at the situation. How a person feels about the possession itself is probably go to be tied in with their own belief system.

I once had a friend tell me possession films held a particular chill for his because he was raised to believe that demonic possession was absolutely possible. Though his rational mind told his it wasn’t, those old childhood feelings hung on in the back of his mind.

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Welcome to the first post of my new blog. I have two other blogs – Cinema Lowdown and SCDForLife where I talk about entertainment based things and gluten-free food respectively. This blog is geared toward my personal endeavors, specifically writing.

In addition to the writing mentioned above I write some fiction – trying to write more – mostly sci-fi and horror based. You can check out the About Me link above for more on that.

I also write content professionally – copy, web, social media etc.

All and all, I wanted a page dedicated to writing and reading (a very important part of writing) – so here it is.