Now Reading: HORNS by Joe Hill

In the space of a month I have gone from zero copies of HORNS to three. I didn’t really set out for it to be that way, it just kind of happened.

Horns Joe Hill

The first one is the paperback I bought at my local bookstore. The second is the movie tie-in paperback edition that Harper Collins sent to us (us being my husband and myself), completely by surprise, to review for our website – Cinema Lowdown. And the third is a first edition signed hardcover I won in a contest from BitLit – which so awesome – because I am a fan of Joe Hill and I love that he is so involved with BitLit. 

If you haven’t heard of BitLit please click the link and check them out. Also read this interview they did with Joe Hill about why BitLit and eBook bundling is a great thing.

I don’t think I talked about this earlier, but this year I have been making an effort to read more books. I have always been a book reader, but over the past couple of years I realized I had been reading less and less.

Two main reasons for this:

  1. There are a lot of books I want to read and I want to make sure I get to them.
  2. I have been working on writing more fiction in addition to the non-fiction and professional writing I have been doing.
    1. All the authors that tell you that reading is just as important as writing are absolutely right – more on that to come in the future.

So, I am starting HORNS as soon as I finish typing this. Stay tuned for my thoughts after I finish it.

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