Now Reading: ‘Revival’ by Stephen King

Revival Stephen King CoverRevival by Stephen King is the first hard cover novel I have bought in years. That might not be that big of a deal, but I have realized in this digital age that when it’s on Kindle I don’t really own it. Yes, I love the convenience of my Kindle, but what happens to all those books I bought if I should ever stop using Kindle?

Those books will just be sitting in a Kindle cloud waiting for me to get a new Kindle – and it will have to be a Kindle because the DRM will prevent me from using some other device (at least not without a lot of hassle).

I have to thank King’s son Joe Hill for my revelation on this matter. He is a strong proponent of reading books and in a single tweet he made me realize those Kindle books weren’t totally mine. Not that I’m going to stop reading on Kindle completely, but I have been really enjoying reading real books again.

So, let’s get to Revival – I’m only about 100 pages in, but I’m really enjoying it so far. King knows how to tap into those demons that haunt us and there is no shortage of that here. At first we are introduced to the main character, Jamie, as a child when he meets Reverend Charles Jacobs.

Jamie has a fairly normal childhood. He has good relationships with his parents, siblings, and Jacobs. So, what goes wrong in Jamie’s life? As an adult he is a junkie who can’t get his life together. I like that King doesn’t have a lot of set up for this. Not all junkies came from bad childhoods or had parents who didn’t care. I like that we don’t get the usual set up of misspent youth with this character.

That’s about as far as I am. Jamie is an adult, in his thirties, and is seriously screwed up. He’s just come across Jacobs (who did suffer a horrible tragedy) again. I’m looking forward to finding out where this story is going.

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