Talking With Jonathan Frakes of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’

Two weeks ago I had the great fortune to interview Jonathan FrakesJonathan-Frakes-Podium_Med for his appearance at the Official Star Trek con in Seattle. As someone who grew up with Star Trek this was an awesome opportunity.

You can check out my interview with him on BlogCritics and some additional questions on my site Cinema Lowdown.  I have done a few other interview over the past few years, but this one is probably my favorite.

Why do you think Star Trek has endured over all these years?

It’s Gene Roddenberry’s vision of hope, especially now, in a time when we are so miserably treating each other with disrespect. It’s a very healthy way to look forward. Right now, it doesn’t appear as if we’re listening to the Prime Directive. –

Growing up Star Trek was something I shared with my mom. She was a huge fan of the original series and we watched The Next Generation together. She passed away a few years ago and Trek is a way for me to carry on that memory. I know she would have been excited about this interview.

Frakes is a fun person to talk to. He has a great enthusiasm for what he does and still doesn’t seem to mind talking Trek. He asked me a few questions of his own, which I thought was cool.  I was able to tell him about about watching the show with mom, which he replied, “That’s fantasic.”

I love having opportunities to write articles like that and it’s especially rewarding when I get to talk to someone I’ve been a fan of for so many years.

Image: Sherry Lipp

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